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Power window Car door

Back in the day, it would take a bit of elbow grease to open a window in your car. These days, however, power windows have replaced the cranking motion of the old days, making it easy to raise or lower your vehicle's windows.


The experts at Anytime AutoGlass understand that power window motors can get worn out and stop working. Grime and dust can get into cracks and prevent power window operation, and a damaged window or door regulator can cause plenty of issues. Let us fix them for you.

Ensuring your windows are properly powered

Total repair of electric door & power window motors

We'll run a complete test of your electric door system, and replace any faulty parts if necessary. Call us for a FREE estimate over the phone.


Electric door repair service includes:

  • Power window motors

  • Door motors

  • Door regulators

  • Vintage vehicles

  • Bulldozers and heavy duty equipment

Complete electric door repair you can trust

Seniors can SAVE with great discounts available. Call: